Human Resource Development & Management

Human Resource Development and Management Directorate

This Directorate develops sector-wide policy on HR Planning, Succession Planning, Training and Development and Performance Management. It also ensures that there is in place an effective and stable management framework consistent with the overall manpower needs of the Aviation Sector.

The directorate comprises the following units:

  1. Sector HR Planning Unit: – It initiates strategies and facilitates the career planning of staff of the Ministry. This involves regular deployment, secondments, postings, transfers, and development of Schemes of Service.
  2. Sector Development &Training Unit: – It initiates the review and development of career training policies and guidelines. It also collates the training needs identified through staff performance appraisal systems for implementation. The unit also ensures the promotion of staff based on approved requirements.
  • Sector Performance Management Unit: – It is responsible for developing the framework for institutional and staff performance management including staff appraisal and performance contracts/agreements.