Section 13 of the Civil Service Act 1993 (PNDCL 327) states the following:

“The Ministry shall:

  • Initiate and formulate policies, taking into account the needs and aspirations of the people;
  • Undertake development planning in consultation with the National Development Planning Commission
  • Co-ordinate, monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance of the Sector”

Based on the above framework, the Ministry of Aviation performs the following specific functions:

  • Formulate and coordinate aviation policies as well as the integration of sector plans, budget and strategies;
  • Ensure sector performance management, monitoring and evaluation
  • Promote innovation, research and development as well as information management within the sector
  • Develop human resource capacity and new technologies for the sector
  • Ensure the approval for licensing of Air Transport operations
  • Negotiate Bilateral Air Service Agreement with trading partners
  • Develop policies to promote and encourage local participation and investment in the Aviation Industry