Finance and Administration Directorate

Finance and Administration Directorae (F&A)

The Directorate comprises two units: Finance and Administration units.


The Directorate ensures that approved personnel policies in the Ministry on employment, personnel records, training, and wages and salaries administration are translated into good management practices and effectively carried out. 

This Directorate further ensures that services and facilities necessary to support the administrative and other functions of the ministry are available.  It also ensures the provision of an effective and efficient system for internal checks.

The Sub-units under this division include the following:

  1. Personnel Unit: The Unit manages the files and records of staff in the Ministry pertaining to recruitment, leave, promotion, salary issues, transfer, performance appraisal etc.
  2. Records Management Unit: It ensures that documents and information are properly stored to ensure confidentiality and easy accessibility.
  3. Security Unit: The Unit ensures the following;
    • Protection of Ministry of Aviation assets and properties against theft, burglary, wilful or malicious damage and destruction.
    • Protection of the lives of the employees against harm and kidnap.
    • Prevention of acts of sabotage, Subversion or espionage to vital information, materials, documents or plans and blueprints belonging to the Organization
    • Enforcement of Rules and Regulations pertaining to safety and Security of lives and property of the organization.
    • Promotion of order, discipline, goodwill and respect to Management and Constituted Authority.
    • Liaison with Law enforcement agencies.
    • Supervision of all Contracted Security Agencies.
  1. Transport Unit
    • Custodian of all Ministry of Aviation vehicles.
    • Ensure proper handling of the Ministry’s vehicles
    • Handling and rotational use of all pool vehicles.
    • Procurement and distribution of petroleum products.
    • Ensure timely maintenance/service and repairs of all vehicles.
    • Liaising with the account department for the insurance of all vehicles.
    • Liaising with account and insurance for repairs of the damaged/accidental vehicles as well stolen vehicles.
    • Administration of drivers and fuelling
  2. Procurement & Stores Unit: The unit is responsible for managing the procurement services and providing technical support on procurement processes for the Ministry. It also ensures the proper storage of all goods procured and ensures that stocks are replaced on time at the Ministry.
  3. Protocol Unit
    • Reservation and issuance of tickets for staff scheduled for official trips such as Trainings, Conferences, bilateral meetings and Aircraft inspections.
    • Booking of hotel accommodations for official guests of the Ministry and also receives and check-in guests at appropriate hotels.
    • Processing of visa for staff travelling scheduled for official trips Trainings, Conferences, workshop, meetings, inspections, etc.
    • Receive official guests of the Ministry on arrival at the Airport and check them in when travelling back after official engagement in Ghana.
    • Process and supervise the payment of bills incurred on hotels and tickets and also conduct regular checks on our financial standing with the patronized hotels and travel agents.
    • Participating actively in organizing international conferences and seminars hosted by the Ministry.
  • Estate Unit

Responsible for the facilitation of the provisions, recording and maintenance of the Ministry’s major physical assets (buildings, generators, photocopiers, power sub-station, water plant, furniture and equipment), supervision of projects, preparation of bill of quantities, interim and final certificates.



The unit ensures that there is proper financial management and its administration at the Ministry.

It also leads the administration of Treasury management, accounts preparation and facilitates the process for sourcing funds from donor partners and other stakeholders for implementing programmes and projects of the Ministry. 


The Unit comprises of the following Sub-units: -

  1. Accounts Unit: - It liaises with the Ministry of Finance and the Accountant General’s Department to facilitate the release of funds and authorization for disbursement and the preparation of final accounts. It also leads in the preparation of the Annual Budget Estimates and attends Budget Hearings at the Ministry of Finance
  2. Treasury Unit:-It examines and verifies the authenticity and accuracy of payment vouchers before authorizing for payment.
  3. Resource Mobilization Unit: It is responsible for facilitating the process for sourcing funds from donor partners and other stakeholders for implementing programmes and projects of the ministry.